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Cultivators and Manufacturers of High Quality Hemp and Cannabis Products.

AABIO Cannabis is Subsidiary of AABIO Company Limited Thailand


Welcome my name is Kosit Masri, I am the director of AABIO Company Limited.

AABIO Company is made up of: Myself (Kosit Masri), Natphatsanai Auapinyakul, Pornchai, Craig Vale and Peter Billings.

AA Bio has been involved in the cannabis business since November 2018.
We started in Southern Laos, PDR, Champasak Province. Due to COVID laws at the time r difficulties this project is still on hold. We have still have an agreement with a local land holder in Laos located at the Bolaven Plateau.
November 2019, AA Bio and CGT (Cann Global Thailand) signed an MOU with Uttaradit University for a research and development program. Focusing on seed genetics (to develop the perfect CBD seed for the humid Thailand climate.) To investigate and develop strains that are mold and pest resistant. To develop fully organic pesticides. Further research investigations into
nanotechnology focusing on bioavailability and water solubility for human
body absorption of CBD, THC, CBG cannabinoids. Investigation into uses
for terpenes and investigation into products related to kratom. In June-November 2020, AA Bio with CGT and Uttaradit University  completed a trail crop of 1,000 Fibre hemp plants and 1,000 auto flower CBD hemp plants at  the Long campus (Uttaradit University), Phrae province, Thailand. This was to study how seeds typically from southern hemisphere grow in hot-raining tropical weather (Outdoor crop trail), the full report will soon be released.

January 29th, 2020, Thailand  Food and Drug Administration( FDA) releases new  law for Hemp operation. Allowing the public (Citizen of Thailand) to legally cultivate hemp in Thailand from February 2021.

Main objectives  of our business is to grow CBD hemp Flower/ CBD biomass. Extract CBD crude oil, create refined oil aggregate, distillates for local sales and export. To grow and sell THC flowers to department of Public Health and expand on this to supply distillates in near future. To seek international and local investors and or partners to join AA BIO in cultivation and a growing extraction business in Thailand.

Recent Updates AA Bio has signed an MOU with the Department of Thai traditional Medicine (sub department of Public Health Ministry) to produce THC Cannabis and provide to Department of Thai traditional Medicine. We have four (4) greenhouses ready for this indoor cultivation. These were built to conform to FDA standards and Health Ministry at our head office in Phrae Thailand.  

On February 25th 2021 , AA Bio submitted applications to local FDA (Phrae province) for the following.

  • Cultivation license,
  • Extraction license ( Solvent extraction method),
  • Import and Export License
  • Local Trading license.

The recent application to the FDA for cultivation incorporated our 33,600 sq. Metre property owned by AABIO as the model for the Phrae CBD outdoor cultivation.

AA Bio will soon legally cultivate both THC cannabis and CBD hemp May 2021.

Cultivation Plan for May-December 2021 A) AA Bio property of 3,200 sq. Metres  ( Small Section for Outdoor Cultivation Plot) This site is for research and development of CBD hemp for Northern Thailand, we aim to use a small section for some genetic trials where we can transfer knowledge of successful growing techniques with different genetic strains onto local farmers. There are many local famers who have ideal land and also have experience with fully organic vegetable farming. They have a keen interested in joining us to cultivate CBD hemp as contract farmers to AABIO. At our Co-located Head Office we will also have our indoor THC facility for the Ministry of Health.

R & D Site for CBD HEMP & THC Operation Area 33,600 Sq. Metres
Plan of 33,600 Sq. Metre Site @ Phrae
Cleared Land Site for the 30,400 Sq. Metre Development

                                                            B)  AA Bio land site  30,400 sq. Metre (Outdoor cultivation with green house)

This site is for cultivation of high CBD hemp plants, we have divided it into three crops respectively. We aim to have harvesting each month, we will do the first crop of 8,000 CBD hemp plants in one third of land area( 10,000 sqM) on first start month(May 2021), then next 8,000 plants on 2nd month(June 2021) and another 8,000 plants on 3rd month(July 2021) , we will use auto flowering seeds with a life cycle of 90 days, this means, we will harvest 8,000 plants on july and august, september 2021 respectively.

We forecast output approximate yield from 8,000 plants on july, august and september as below using the following parameters

Expect CBD potency per plant : >10% Expect THC potency per plant : <1% Estimate weight of dried flower per plant : 200 gram Dead rate : 0 (zero)

Culitvation environment : Outdoor  in growing bag (not direct to ground avoid heavy metal and chemicals from years of super phosphates) fully sun (12/12 day/night)

Growing Medium: Grow bag (40Litre) with fully organics super soil (Special Thai mix) Estimated yield of Dried flower :  1,600 Kgs. Est. pure CBD content : 160 Kgs. Extracted Crude oil 50%CBD  : 320 Kgs. (Ethanol 50%)

AA Bio will produce 1,600Kgs dried flower / 320 Kgs CBD crude oil


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