AABIO Cannabis

Cultivators and Manufacturers of High Quality Hemp and Cannabis Products.

AABIO Cannabis is Subsidiary of AABIO Company Limited Thailand

Our Business


AABIO is now officially licensed to Cultivate in Phrae Thailand and has licenses with the FDA Thailand to Cultivate, Import/Export Seeds, to extract and make isolates from Cannabis Bio-mass and to Manufacture Import/Export Products.

We will be producing our own CBD isolate and Nano emulsions. We have recently joined up with local Thailand companies TWZ and SMC (Siam Medical Company)

We are a licensed re-seller of the GemmaCert Product Family.

What is GemmaCert?

GemmaCert has developed the world’s first patented solution for quick, accurate analysis of cannabis composition and potency by non-destructive means. Hundreds of GemmaCert units are already operated by paying customers in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Australasia. All these diagnostic units are connected via the GemmaCert Cloud, creating a unique and valuable source of Big Data across the global cannabis industry from seed to sale. GemmaCert is easy to use and is portable and is something that anybody in Industry can use or it can be used to check the potency of products in the home before use.

Contact us about the GemmaCert Product Family sales Now!

Also have a look at some of our other achievements in Robotics, Purification and Dewatering Systems in Thailand


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